The Night of Power

Do all of us know that, there exists a night which is better than a thousand months?

For us who have been residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we come to realize that Ramadan is the month which is most accounted for in the Hijirian calendar. This is so for a lot of reasons.

During this holy month, muslims from all over the world fast! Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and indulging in other physical pleasures for a certain period of the day. Fasting is endurance. And the reward of endurance is Paradise.

Fasting is an act of atonement for our errors and mistakes. Fast and the Qur’an shall intercede for the servant of Allah in the day of judgement. The angels are the ones asking Allah for forgiveness in behalf of the fasting person.

Allah, SWT, is so merciful that sinful souls are released from the hellfire during this month. The devils are chained and the gates of heaven are opened. Allah, SWT, has decorated the Paradise for the believers.

The change in the smell of the mouth of a fasting person is better than the smell of musk in the sight of Allah, as this believer takes part in the observance of two pleasures while fasting. The two pleasures which a Muslim partakes are the time of Iftar (breakfast) and the time to meet his Creator.

Of all the virtues of Ramadan, consider this as the best of all… Ramadan is the month of Revelation. It was on the months of Ramadan that all the “Books of the Prophets” were revealed.

The Zaboor (Psalms) for Dawood, Torah (Ten Commandments) for Moses, the Injeel (Revelation) for Isaiah and the Holy Qur’an for Mohammed, peace be upon them. The revelations happened in the “Night of Qadr” which usually falls on the 27th of Ramadan.

Lailat’ul Qadr… a night better than a thousand months. It is the night of mercy, forgiveness and salvation. It is the “Night of Power”!


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